At TechNetGoods we provide the best product possible!  We do extensive testing of each product we sell and are confident in our final products.  We understand that sometimes, even the best fail.  This is why, for customer confidence, we provide 30 days of warranty on each product we sell.  This starts from the day the item is delivered (for traceable items) or five days after the shipping date (for non-traceable items).

While we do sell new items, the majority of our products are considered used, but don't let that scare you!  Each product goes through initial testing, later to be cleaned and/or refurbished.  None of our products were previously "dead."  We thoroughly refurbish to ensure our customers are getting the best product possible, backed by our 30 day warranty!  In most cases, our customers don't believe items were previously used.  After refurbishment and again once an item is purchased (preshipping), the item is extensively tested.

This can vary drastically based on the item we're dealing with, but here are some examples:

  • Complete component tear-down (particularly for graphic cards)
  • Washing/bathing parts (including PCB's)
  • inspecting and/or replacing thermal pads and paste
  • replace or refurbish cooling fans

A lot!  We test every component when we receive it, after any cleaning/refurbishment and before it's shipped to the customer.  We use special programs and benchmarks to test every component we handle.

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Customer Reviews


Extremely quick shipping, great seller to buyer communication, would buy again.


Testimonial 2

Item was in beautiful condition! Quality packing. Great communication!


Testimonial 3

Over the moon! Received two days prior to ship date after a long weekend!


Testimonial 4

Used video card came in great condition, very clean. I recommend TechNetGoods