About Us

TechNetGoods is a Canadian based company that operates out of Edmonton, AB.  We originally started on eBay, many, many years ago!  Over the years, we’ve established a core customer base within North America and are looking forward to growing!

Our company is primarily focused on the acquisition, refurbishment and resale of used PC components to the public.  Don’t get it twisted, we sell nothing but the best quality components!  Everything that touches our work bench is thoroughly tested, refurbished and tested again.  Although, it’s important to note that we do not revive previously dead components.  We refurbish to near new condition while providing our customers economical parts with superior customer support and warranty!

Customer Reviews


Extremely quick shipping, great seller to buyer communication, would buy again.


Testimonial 2

Item was in beautiful condition! Quality packing. Great communication!


Testimonial 3

Over the moon! Received two days prior to ship date after a long weekend!


Testimonial 4

Used video card came in great condition, very clean. I recommend TechNetGoods